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Emmajean Hannah - Class of 1985, Millville Sr. H.S., Millville, NJ (48 minutes ago)


Kerry Jackson - Class of 1966, Clovis H.S., Clovis, CA (1 hour ago)


Wyn Robertson - Class of 1980, San Juan H.S., Citrus Heights, CA (1 hour ago)


Larry Livingston - Class of 1973, Dauphin County Technical School, Harrisburg, PA (2 hours ago)


Lee M Novak - Class of 1970, Nicholas Senn H.S., Chicago, IL (2 hours ago)


Dan Hezrog - Class of 1966, Michipicoten H.S., Wawa, ON (2 hours ago)


Jim Wall - Class of 1973, Starkville Academy, Starkville, MS (3 hours ago)


~Myron Baska - Class of 1971, Saint John's H.S., Winnipeg, MB (3 hours ago)


Evelyn Murphy - Class of 1980, Thousand Oaks H.S., Thousand Oaks, CA (3 hours ago)


Michael Botello - Class of 1957, Alhambra H.S., Alhambra, CA (3 hours ago)


John Male - Class of 1989, Denis Morris Catholic H.S., St. Catharines, ON (4 hours ago)


James Rogers - Class of 1984, Columbia H.S., Maplewood, NJ (4 hours ago)


Tanya Arrowsmith - Class of 1990, Stouffville District H.S., Stouffville, ON (4 hours ago)


Danielle Dawkins - Class of 1990, Lafayette H.S. 204, Buffalo, NY (5 hours ago)


Phyllis Fields - Class of 1977, Caruthersville H.S., Caruthersville, MO (5 hours ago)

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Veraleen (vera) Finley Holland - Class of 1969, Ceredo - Kenova H.S., Kenova, WV
   ( - may 6 1998)


(7 hours ago)

Tammie Gibson - Class of 1981, Vinson junior H.S., Huntington, WV
   ( - oct 30 1988)


(7 hours ago)

Mario Molino - Class of 1995, Lakeland H.S., Shrub Oak, NY
   ( - ) (10 hours ago)

Hilda Van Laarhoven - Class of 1964, Santa Ana Valley H.S., Santa Ana, CA
   ( - not certain five years a)

dont kmow

Hilda died of colon cancer. She was married to J Schadee and had i believe three kids. I believe she lived in Tustin, lemon heights. I have not lived in ca for thirty yrs so am not up on all info.

She always visited my mom after hers died. Our mothers were good friends.

(Reported by: e ten thy)

(21 hours ago)

Myron Zahnow - Class of 1955, Imlay City H.S., Imlay City, MI
   ( - Nov 27, 1977) Myron(Mike) was a musician and a farmer. He worked his way through college and got his degree in education. After a year or so in teaching he gave up teaching to go back t o being a musician (drummer). He was killed on his way home from work in a traffic accident. Mike was killed in a Head on Collision by a drunk driver.

staff (21 hours ago)

Mark Marcel Van Laarhoven - Class of 1964, Santa Ana Valley H.S., Santa Ana, CA
   ( - 1969?)

dont know

Mark died in a car accident in Oregon. He is burried at holy suplecur (sp) in Orange.

My mom and his were best of friends. My dad died in 1963 and I beliebe Mark died five years later

(Reported by: e ten thy)

(21 hours ago)

Jerry Ellis - Class of 1972, Crisp County H.S., Cordele, GA
   ( - November 11, 1995) (2 days ago)

Bill Brown - Class of 1957, Thomas Worthington H.S., Worthington, OH
   ( - October 29, 2011) Bill was diagnosed in the end of July 2011 with Pancreatic Cancer. He passed away on October 29, 2011 at Kobacker House Hospice in Columbus, Ohio. His 2nd wife (Miriam) and children, Jennifer Bynes and Jeff Brown (wife Annie) were by his side at the time of his passing.

Dad loved everything about high school and growing up in Worthington. He loved being part of the 30-year Alumni club and driving his 63 Dart in the Worthington Memorial Day Parade.

(Reported by: Jen Bynes)

(2 days ago)

Lora Burke - Class of 1989, Cypress H.S., Cypress, CA
   ( - 8-6-96) (2 days ago)

Tim Hobby - Class of 1989, Winston Academy, Louisville, MS
   ( - October 28, 2014) Committed suicide

(3 days ago)