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High School of Music & Art
( 1936 - 1984 )
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Class of 1962


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Some favorite teachers of registered alumni:

Weird but my favorite teacher was Mr. Illman He was funny, yet what he thought stayed. ( 1984 )

Mrs. Washington- Murphy....music teacher ( 1983 )

Mrs. Klinger ( 1976 )

Mrs. Issacs - Geometry & Mr. Howard - English ( 1967 )

No favorites, liked them all. ( 1967 )

Iris Fialkoff ( 1965 )

Mr. Lawner, music composition. Also, Mrs. Klinger, orchestra director and Mr. Russ likewise. ( 1965 )

Julia winston ( 1965 )

Forgot his name...he was the ceramics teacher. He was the only art teacher who thought I had some promise. ( 1965 )

I'd say history teacher Ira Marienhof, for showing that history is more than memorizing the dates of various wars and names of the kings of England.. And when I think back on the 3 periods a day of art we enjoyed - 2 of studio art and one of art history -- it was such a wonderfully intense program (though it did result in a relative lack of academic credits - I never took physics, for example, and had to go to summer school to take trigonometry, I recall.. ( 1964 )

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Class of 1962
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Confirmed classmates section

These are the students that have been confirmed as members of this class.

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Irving Abel
Joyce Berger
Jack Groothuis
Michael Kirshner
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Richard Landis
Carol Smith
Ronald Strauss

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  Evelyn Ackerman 

  Dorothy Lemon 

  Sam Affoumado 

  Marian Levine 

  Clement Aidone 

  Joyce Levy 

  David Anchel 

  Henry Frenchy Lewin 

  Richard Aschenbrand 

  Henry(frenchy) Lewin 

  Burton Atkins 

  Linda Lewis 

  Veda Bagley 

  Loretta Lichtman 

  Vivian Barber 

  Lawrence Lieber 

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  Janet Benjamin 

  Ira Lieberman 

  Carleene Bennett 

  Vicki Lydecker 

  Jo Ann Berardi 

  Bill Lyons 

  Richard Berenson 

  Robert Mankoff 

  Doris B Bergman 

  Susan Marber 

  Sandra Berkowitz 

  Frederick Massin 

  Judith Birnbach 

  Ernest Miller 

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  Kathleen Blau 

  Ken Miller 

  Linda Bloch 

  Pheon Minson 

  Donald Bodden 

  Brenda Monroe 

  Toby Brandenburg 

  Sheila Moscovice 

  June Lea Breiner 

  Carol Nadel 

  Merle Brody 

  Arthur Nagel 

  Eric Brubaker 

  Susan Neumann 

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  Carol Bruck 

  Judith Nichtern 

  Ernest Bryant 

  Brian O'Dwyer 

  Judi Burnett 

  Elaine Oleske 

  Richard Campbell 

  Robert Osgood 

  Howard Cantor 

  David Pakter 

  Ellen Chalfin 

  Donald Perullo 

  Richard Charlat 

  Gloria Pinault 

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  Michael Cohen 

  Karin Pinchuck 

  Winston Collymore 

  Jane Plachte 

  Shirley Connoughton 

  Janie Pogan 

  Maxine Dankberg 

  Olivia Pressman 

  Stephen Davis 

  Uwe Radok 

  Bruce Degen 

  Charles Raps 

  Rollie Devendorf 

  Loretta Reik 

  Madlyn Dickens 

  Michelle Rhodes 

  Virginia Dorlini 

  Kitty Richman 

  Nora Eisenberg 

  Francine Rick 

  Renee Eisnitz 

  Galeno Rivera 

  Annette Ellberger 

  Sandra Rodriguez 

  Susan Feinberg 

  Stephen Rosen 

  Joyce Feingold 

  Michael Rosenberg 

  Stanley Felderman 

  Sallyann Roth 

  Lee Feldman 

  Bruce Rumplstilsken 

  Leta Feldman 

  Amy Rutkins 

  Stephen Finkin 

  Peter Salwen 

  Paul Fleisher 

  John Sandler 

  Betsy Frank 

  Erica Schafran 

  David Frank 

  Susan Schechter 

  David Gabelman 

  Ronnee Schier 

  Joel Gerbman 

  Edward Schiff 

  Miriam Gofseyeff 

  Barbara Bobi Schissell 

  Arlene Goldberg 

  Nancy Schoenfeld 

  Nina Gross 

  Sheila Schwed 

  William K Billy Gross 

  Gloria Seeman 

  William K(billy) Gross 

  Ruth Silz 

  Roberta Grossman 

  Claudette Simeone 

  Susan L Halper 

  Carole Simon 

  Robert Harris 

  Eric Singer 

  Eivind Harum 

  Susan Singer 

  Michael Hillburn 

  Cheryl Sloan 

  Paul Hirsch 

  Gary Smiler 

  Alexander Irving 

  Liora Spira 

  Betty Kalkstein 

  Carol Spitzel 

  Judith Katz 

  Ellen Steinhouse 

  Phyllis Katz 

  Daniel Stern 

  Susan Keane 

  Carol Tassoff 

  Kenneth Kerr 

  Fred Thaler 

  Linda Kitman 

  James Thompson 

  Ellen Klein 

  Edward Trezza 

  Vicki Klemens 

  Lucille Trilnick 

  Gundula Klenke 

  Arlene Waldstein 

  Carole Klinger 

  Linda Weber 

  Gary Koesten 

  Daniel Weiss 

  Randy Kosek 

  Michael Weisser 

  Katrine Krehan 

  John Wieting 

  Paula Kropp 

  Moonshadow Wolf 

  Mario Kujawski 

  Carolyn Young 

  Ada Landes 

  Marilyn Young 

  Carol Lawson 

  Mel Zelniker 

  Marcia Leiser 

  Leslie Zeveloff 

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